Suppliers and partners

Every key supplier and partner is hand picked to ensure a consistent high level of solution deliveries designed to match our customers’ needs.

We bridge the gap

As one of our suppliers, you will experience several benefits from a partnership with NORAD. We help bridge the gap between you and your products and potential customers.

You benefit from our frequent visits to our customers, in which we are more than happy to share your information and ideas.

New suppliers

Are you looking for an agent, distributor or consultant to represent your company in the Nordic defence and security market?

When you enter into a partnership with NORAD, you get more than just another sales channel. You get a partner that knows first hand the Nordic market, one that understands the cultural variations and distinct differences - and more than anything, a partner that is dedicated to ensuring that the customers get the right solution. Every single time.

Save time and money and let us bridge the gap between your company and the Nordic customers.

What we know

In the Nordic region, we know our customers’ needs and working environment better than most.

By maintaining a deep and long-lasting relation to our customers, we are often well ahead of new tenders, helping the customers to define and determine their next projects.

If you have a high-quality product, we know about the potential projects in the Nordic region and we know how to sell your products.

Win public tenders with NORAD

Join us and get all the benefits of our pursuit of new ways and places to utilise well-known products or to bring new exiting products to our customers. You may even discover new markets.

You know as well as we do that to win you have to get into the game early on. When working with tenders, you profit from our close relationship with our customers, our deep level of understanding regarding our customers needs and naturally, you profit from our in-depth knowledge of the Nordic markets.

In the past, we have worked with and won many tenders, Framework Agreements and/or Service Agreements in close cooperation with our suppliers and partners.

Once we have won the tender, we also handle the implementation of new solutions and the subsequent maintenance and repair services.

Your role as supplier

Delivering optimum solutions to our customers is key. We walk that extra mile to ensure that every demand is met, and we are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers and partners who think as we do. Who understand the importance of working closely together. Who desire to develop new solutions and think outside the box.

More than anything, our suppliers and partners excel at the solution mindset. You understand what is required. You are willing to push boundaries to succeed. And your quality is impeccable.

In other words, we understand what is required to make headway - and so do you.

For more information about a future collaboration, please contact us.

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  • Quality products                             
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