40 years market experience
Dedicated customers

This is your guarantee that we will still be here tomorrow, and the day after. When you choose to work with NORAD, you choose to work with a company that bases its business on credibility and trust. All key staff have been security cleared by the appropriate government bodies.

The better we know you, the better we can assist you

We base our work on proper business conduct and honesty, because we want our relationship with suppliers, partners and customers to be long-term.

NORAD is a privately owned, independent Danish company with strong roots in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

You can visit our headquarters in Denmark, our sister-companies in Copenhagen, Denmark, in Sweden or in Finland.

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Permissions and certificates

  • Security clearance by the Danish Defence
  • Permission to service equipment at the Danish Police
  • Permission by Danish Transportation Authorities to do technical maintenance in airports on named equipment
  • Permission to service equipment at Danish and Norwegian prisons and detention centres
  • Permission to service equipment at Danish and Norwegian customs
  • AAA Financial rating
  • Permission to import, install and service x-ray systems
  • Training certificates from manufacturers for many types and models of equipment​