Our customers

NORAD mainly assists customers in Denmark, Norway and Iceland, whereas our closely related sister companies operate in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Whatever your needs might be in the defence and security market, we are here to help you find the best solution available.

Specialised security solutions is our game. Actually, the more specialised your request, the better NORAD’s partners, products and capabilities will work for you.

Our main customer groups

  • Defence
  • Police and Forensics
  • Airports
  • Customs
  • Prisons
  • Border guards
  • Customers with security checkpoints
  • Immigration authorities
  • Special forces units
  • Intelligence services

When it’s necessary to draw on resources, expertise or experience from our sister-companies to deliver the best possible solution to our customers, we never hesitate. We are stronger together.

For customers in Sweden, Finland or Estonia, we kindly refer to our very capable sister companies in Sweden and Finland. For more information, please contact us

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